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i got my love of art from my father, Samuel Traeger and learned about gratitude, learning, & entertaining myself from my mother, Buddy  Wolfson Traeger. their gentle influence has remained with me to this day. my work began with incessant drawing and grew through the years as i explored various media including lithography, oils, acrylics, photography, mixed media, and Photoshop.


you could see my work in publications, art shows in Miami in places like AI, NWSA, Art South, the Gallery of Light, & GQ Gallery. but most of my creative time has been spent with kids. i  graduated from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools after thirty-seven years of PLORKING*! during that time i was honored to receive many awards, speak at conferences, publish, and share my love of art & life with some of my favorite people - both kids and non-kids.

NBCT, FAEA Outstanding Art Teacher (2), FAEA Outstanding Middle School Art Teacher, DAEA Jackie Hinchey-Sipes Award


now i am on to new artistic, literary, entrepreneurial, philanthropic, & technology-based adventures, leisurely lunches, and activities that are not confined to indiscriminate periods of time, oh! & the freedom to visit the facilities whenever nature calls. 
Fund 4 Design & Art Education-Cofounder, ARTSville-Creative Director, Gallery of Light Team @ Beth OR Miami


if you would like to live with some of my art, want something created just for you, or would like a little assistance with your own creative journey - please contact me or stop by to say hey! You don't know what you don't know!

Only best regards,



*play + learn + work  


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