i got my love of art from my father, Samuel Traeger and learned about gratitude, learning, & entertaining myself from my mother, Buddy  Wolfson Traeger. their gentle influence has remained with me to this day. my work began with incessant drawing and grew through the years as i explored various media including lithography, oils, acrylics, photography, mixed media, and Photoshop.


you could see my work in publications, art shows in Miami in places like AI, NWSA, Art South, & GQ Gallery. but most of my creative time has been spent with kids. i  graduated from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools after thirty-seven years of PLORKING*! during that time i was honored to receive many awards, speak at conferences, publish, and share my love of art & life with some of my favorite people - both kids and non-kids.

NBCT, FAEA Outstanding Art Teacher (2), FAEA Outstanding Middle School Art Teacher, DAEA Jackie Hinchey-Sipes Award


now i am on to new artistic, literary, entrepreneurial, philanthropic, & technology-based adventures, leisurely lunches, and activities that are not confined to indiscriminate periods of time, oh! & the freedom to visit the facilities whenever nature calls. 
Fund 4 Design & Art Education-Cofounder, ARTSville, Creative Director, Gallery of Light Team @ Beth OR Miami


if you would like to live with some of my art, want something created just for you, or would like a little assistance with your own creative journey - please contact me or stop by to say hey! You don't know what you don't know!

Only best regards,



*play + learn + work  


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