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meet the author

Art and people are central to my being. I am trying to become a human BEING, but more than likely I am still a human doing. Creating  I Want to Draw I Want to Paint took a lot of doing, but I was compelled and so here it is. It started as a scream in the night to myself, because I do want to draw and paint. But sometimes it is not all that simple for me. This book inspired me and I hope it inspires you to draw and paint too.

meet the artists

Most of the artists represented in this book were in 12th grade attending art classes in Miami-Dade Public Schools when they applied for the Isaiah Fund Scholarship. They received a $1,000 scholarship to help them on their way. Please take a closer look at their work by visiting their websites or help them reach their artistic dreams by making a donation to 

I Want to Draw I Want to Paint

Get inspired by this lavishly illustrated hard cover book. I Want to Draw I Want to Paint shares the love of art in pictures and in words. It holds messages for young and old alike.

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