reimagined series

This series began 11/2,  not coincidentally only days before the American 2020 presidential election. Now four years lafter the Sad Girls, amidst the pandemic and the election, I am trying so hard to stay positive. My Sad Girls will be repurposed and reimagined. You can see how Merchandise has been reimagined into Ownership.


The concept of reworking art is nothing new. Artists have been doing it for centuries. Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. When the Gallery of Light second Virtual Opening was quickly approaching I felt compelled to enter my work. The thing was that few of my pieces coincided with the theme of Light. So it occurred to me that I didn't have to get out my paints to make art. What a great assignment to give myself! Reimagined artworks with altered images and new meanings. There are only a few right now, but you can expect this series to grow.

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